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About hosting

About hosting

We have been offering webhosting services since 2005. We have servers in server rooms around the world (Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, USA and South Africa). Majority of our Czech servers are in Casablanca INT server room in Prague. We try to provide services in a certaing way and to make sure that the most part is fully automated, which allows clients to manage these services alone, anytime, anywhere and especially immediately. In addition to traditional PHP hosting we also offer hosting on ROR and JSP platforms, or we may offer specific hosting focusing only on email services or FTP. Of course, virtual servers and server housing is inseparable part of our service.

We also try to make your work easier, so when you transfer your domain with hosting to us, we automatically transfer data from the original FTP hosting to us. This also applies to emails - we can transfer all emails to boxes established by us and you will not lose any mail.



In administration you may create sub-domains, databases, FTP accounts, email, crons (periodic startup script), you may set statistics, configure spam filter, set DNS zone, configure DNS servers, change domain owners, download invoices or edit your billing information. We want you to have under control as many features as possible so you may monitor log activities on your FTP (who uploaded or deleted files) and also list of received and sent emails.

You may test administration by yourself: ControlPanel.cz
Login name: demo
Login password: demouser

PHP hosting


Even if you have the lowest tariff you can enjoy high performance. All our tariffs use PHP memory (the so-called memory_limit) 128 MB. Safe_mode is turned OFF and servers are set to eliminate any problem with installation of any publishing system or its additions. The most common extensions are standard: cURL, EXIF, GD, GeoIP, IMAP, PDO, SimpleXML, Zip and others.


In order to speed up page loading, the server automatically "gzips" pages (gentler handling of transferred data). mod_expire extension is used in Apache. This adds to HTTP heading time requirement and its expiration thanks to which for example, pictures do not need to be downloaded repeatedly when the page is reloaded - web browser of the client saves them into its memory and takes them from memory when needed. Pictures are set to expire after one month and css, js, html and txt files after one day.


In order to allow you to quickly use MySQL database, we perform checkups and optimization of MySQL databases once a month, including repair of damaged charts.

If you are not at your PC, you may upload website using FTP client and read and send emails through web email. Of course, phpMyAdmin used for database administration is offered as standard feature.

If you have higher tariff you may provide hosting for several domains in one package. No longer the saying one hosting equals to one domain applies. Plus each tariff offers unlimited number of aliases for main domain and unlimited number of sub-domains.



For each PHP hosting you may activate Awstats statistics in administration. These are generated directly from webserver logs and therefore are the most accurate type of statistics that you can have. In principle, no web service can ever do better.

At the same time you may turn ON webserver access log saving on your FTP. From there you may, for example, analyze number of web visitors better than when using some external services. You may also use them to debug website or to determine weak links in security setting.


Studios, graphic designers, programmers or for anyone who has several domains or administers domains for clients may use multi-hosting. Each package offers a certain space and certain number of domains. It also includes complete administration where you may create sub-accounts for your domains (so your clients may administer them by themselves) and set DNS zone, DNS servers, sub-domains, aliases and others.



We use emails daily and we know how deleting spam emails all the time is annoying. Therefore, we try to filter them out at 6 levels!

  1. Greylisting
  2. Náš vlastní seznam spamujících domén a IP adres
  3. Internetové černé listiny (blacklisty)
  4. Naše vlastní řešení monitorující počet odeslaných emailů z určité adresy za určitou dobu
  5. Antispam spamassassin
  6. Antivir Amavis



All newly registered CZ and EU domains are automatically protected with DNSSEC technology. You may turn ON DNSSEC for other domains in administration.

In order to increase security, selected servers allow you to set restrictions for individual IP addresses or ranges of IP addresses on individual FTP servers, from which you will be able to login to FTP. Even if someone else knows your password he will not be able to login. You may also use TLS/SSL encoding.

As a standard feature, you my login to MySQL database only locally. However, in administration you may set IP addresses or ranges from which you may login as well.

Due to safety reasons you may set password containing at least eight characters, both letters and numbers.

Our inspection mechanisms are continuously monitoring whether any infected website is sending out spam (the system informs us automatically about it and we take necessary measures). Therefore, the risk that emails from your websites will be blocked due to "bad neighbours" is reduced down to a minimum.


All is fully automatic. All orders are processed within 5 minutes after payment acceptance. If your hosting is about to expire, you will receive a notification email with payment information one month in advance. All our email messages are digitally signed so you can be sure that you are not receiving fraudulent messages. Invoices are sent to your email address or you may download them (and edit them for a certain time) in administration. Invoices are in PDF format and digitally signed and therefore, they are valid electronic documents. We protect the environment. You may pay for your orders from pre-charged credit. You may send any amount to your hosting account and use it to pay for services in the future.


All hosting services offer daily backup of webpage contents and emails. Backup is done at night. We do incremental backups and always keep them 3 days - for websites,7 days for emails and up to one month for databases. All virtual servers are backed up once a day.

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