The prices is without 21% VAT.

PHP Hosting

CZK 23 /month


CZK 48 /month


CZK 70 /month


CZK 200 /month


CZK 350 /month


CZK 500 /month


The prices is without 21% VAT.

PHP World Hosting

  • FTP space and MySQL databases are established locally in the selected destination. E-mail services are provided from servers in the Czech Republic.
  • The order includes 1GB of web and SQL space and 1GB of email services.
  • Once the domain DNS is properly directed to the new hosting, it automatically generates Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates and HTTPS version release.
  • Webhosting supports PHP 7.0.x, Maria DB (MySQL) 10.x, .htaccess and the most used modules in PHP.

Why choose us?

Detailed description of services

PHP multiple versions

PHP versions from 5.3 to 7.3 with realtime change

1-Click Wordpress

Simple 1-Click install of Wordpress in admin

DNS administration

Set and manage your DNS records for your domain

Redirection of URL

Redirect to a different domain or domain alias

E-mail forwarding

Redirect incoming messages to another address

DNSSEC Services

More domain name system security

The news